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This outfit is made up of pretty much some of my favorite pieces. Lets break it down. Shoes: Gordon Rush. I love these boots. They are so versatile. I can dress them up with a suit or pair them with a more casual outfit like this one. And they are the perfect brown so that I can get away with wearing them with anything. Pants: Gap. So I have a ton of blue clothes. I mostly wear jeans, which are blue, so when I found these olive pants it was pretty much love at first sight. The cut fits me perfectly and the color is muted enough that they don’t stand out too much. T-shirt: Express. I think I have a bajillion white t-shirts. They are so classic and can go with anything. I love the undershirt/t-shirts at express because they have a little bit of stretch to them so they never get saggy after wearing them all day. Hat: Goorin Bros. Hats have definitely been more trendy lately. I’m not gonna lie I didn’t always used to wear hats like this one, but now that I own a few I love them. As long as you wear them right, they can make be just the right touch to make an outfit go from aight to freaking awesome. Oh and how could I forget, Watch: Daniel Wellington. Best watch I’ve ever owned.

ps. I named this post Olive because when my buddy Bryan, who is taking all these amazing shots, and I were looking at the pictures we just started referring to them as “olive” because of the pants. The name just kinda stuck.


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