Midnight Tux

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Lets talk Tuxes today. I seriously love tuxes. Love them! There is something extremely elegant and manly about a tux that makes me feel like an american version of James Bond when I wear one. I mean I wouldn’t be mad if I had a British accent but its just not going to happen. Anyway, complete Bad A. (Sidetone: I so badly need a white/cream dinner jacket like the one Daniel Craig wears in the most recent Bond movie, Spectre. Fine, its more of a want, but still.) I have a friend getting married in October and I’ve already put his reception on my schedule. This isn’t normal. I usually just let those kind of events come up and then I decide to go last minute. This one was different. Yep, the dress code is black tie optional, which in my book means TUX. So I immediately put it on the calendar and will be anxiously awaiting the day to celebrate with my friend, and wear this tux.


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