Topcoat Round 1: Camel

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Can I first just apologize for slacking for the past couple months? I moved back up to Utah back in September for the new school semester and just never got into a good routine of putting together outfits for the blog. But I’ve been working on putting together some great looks and ideas that I’m excited to start rolling them out for you guys.

Alright, lets get into it. I figure since we are in the midst of the fall/winter transition I’d do a 3-part series about topcoats, going over the different types of topcoats and the different ways to wear them.

The first coat I decided to style was my double breasted, camel trench coat I got from Banana Republic. This is the first topcoat I got and it’s been one of my favorites. The biggest reasons I chose this coat are because I love the color, the length, and the fact that it’s double breasted. The camel color goes with pretty much everything. The coat is long enough that I can wear it with a suit and give it a little more formal look, but it’s also short enough so I can dress it down for a casual look. Because it’s double breasted there are a lot of buttons so I have options for how to wear it. I just follow the “never button the bottom button” rule. It’s so versatile and really keeps me warm on those cold fall/winter days

For a dressed up look I decided to go with a simple white shirt and tie, gray suit and brown oxfords I got from Aldo. I found this  briefcase by Ted Baker at Nordstrom Rack and it has really proven to be pretty useful. It just so happen the the windowpane in my suit is actually the same color as the topcoat which makes it go really well together. But honestly I’ll wear this topcoat with pretty much all of my suits. It really is quite versatile.

The best way to dress down this topcoat is to put together a simple outfit and then throw this guy on top. Seriously. The coat speaks for itself and doesn’t need much else to make it stand out. And it goes with just about anything. I just threw on some jeans and a button-up from Gap and these awesome boots I found at Nordstrom Rack and voila. I decided to wear a hat to make the look a little more casual. Once it starts to get colder I’ll add some layers like a sweater or scarf. The options are endless.

Thanks for reading and I hope this has been helpful. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Stay tuned for Round 2 of my topcoat series.



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