Take Me Out To the Ball Game

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This outfit was inspired by one of America’s greatest past times, some good ol’ baseball. I’m living back home in Arizona for the summer while I work at my dads law office because I’m trying to get some experience before I head off to law school next year. It turns out that my dads office has this yearly tradition of taking the day off and going to a baseball game during the day. I was pumped because I knew it would bring back memories of my younger days when we would go to the Diamondbacks games as a fam because my dad had season tickets. And I was secretly excited that I didn’t have to wear a shirt and tie for the day.

So one thing about me is that I really enjoy dressing for the occasion. Nothing over the top really. I just like it to be subtle enough that it doesn’t call a ton of attention, but where I still feel like I belong and people notice. I didn’t want to go all out with a D-backs hat and jersey; that’d be a little much for me. So I opted for this super comfy two-tone tee from Nordstrom Rack. Its made of a cotton-poly blend which makes it extra soft and helps it breath like crazy, a necessity in the Arizona heat. I felt like I had plenty of baseball vibes going on with the different color sleeves and I knew I was going to be super comfortable. Paired with a some jeans and off white sneaks it was the perfect outfit for a day at the ballpark. Oh and my Ray-bans. Can’t get any more classic than that. (I would’ve worn shorts because its crazy hot right now, but I knew the dome at Chase Field would be closed. Thank goodness for a/c!)

I got these kicks at Nordstrom Rack as well. They are seriously the most comfortable shoes ever. They weigh practically nothing; its like I’m not even wearing any shoes. I actually wore them all over Europe during my month long trip back in May (Thats a story for another post). Didn’t get one blister or have any sore feet. Score!

All in all, I was really digging this casual outfit. I was feeling super comfortable while still feeling like I didn’t look like I had just rolled out of bed. I know sometimes when guys dress “casually” they just want to wear basketball shorts, a tee and, heaven forbid, flip-flops. But with just a little effort and finding the right clothes, you can still show some style while feeling comfortable and casual.



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